On The Bright Side

1. What watt are your silicone bulbs?

  All bulbs are 5 watt and 130 volt and last 3000 hours, unless otherwise listed on the product page.


2. Are the Silicone bulbs hand dipped?

  Yes.  All bulbs are hand dipped in the US.


3. Do you offer discounts?

  Sadly I do not.  I offer all my products at the same price so everyone can get a good deal.  If I run any type of specials though, I will send out an email blast and say something on my website.


4. Do you ship internationally?

  Yes! we can ship anywhere.


5. Where else do you sell?

  We have a booth in Lancaster Wholesale Mall in Lancaster, PA.  We also do a number of Wholesale trade shows throughout the year.


6. How can I contact you?

  The best way is by email, which I check daily at  OnTheBrightSideWholesale@gmail.com


7. Do I have to make an account?

  If you do not make an account your order could be canceled.  The best way to make sure your order is not canceled is to make an account, and send us an email with a copy of your Tax ID number at OnTheBrightSideWholesale@gmail.com and include your account name.  Or fax the ID to 1-888-270-4598. Also, your order must be over our minimum.


8. This is a wholesale site?

  Yes, we sell only wholesale.  We require a Tax ID number in order to make purchases.


9.  Is there a minimum order?

  Yes, we require a 100.00 minimum on all orders.  If you fail to meet this we may cancel the order.


10.  How much is shipping?

   Our shipping is normally 10%, sometimes it could be more depending on location and weight of package.


New website

We are currently working on a new website. Until we have all the products listed this site will remain, but once we have fully set up the other website all orders will need to be placed there. www.JustBrowsingWholesale.com